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Welcome to Dynamic Biosciences, we are in the process of becoming the only ISO 17025 analytical lab for Brewery testing located in Birmingham, Alabama. With any batch manufacturing process, routine analysis must be continuous for good manufacturing practices; therefore, consistency between batches is critical for maintaining that great beer recipe you have nailed.


Contamination from wild yeast and bacteria can significantly alter the taste of your beer during the brewing process. This is especially true if you are canning, since anaerobic bacteria can grow while it is on the shelf!


Maintaining the same IBU between batches is important for keeping the taste consistent, and having a reliable, consistent number from the same lab will help maintain that great taste for regular customers.


Variations with ingredients between batches will effect the consistency of your beer.


Regulatory mandates concerning alcoholic beverages.


Our Solution

We combine brewing experience with an extensive scientific background to yield a proprietary and superior analytical service that allows us to bring you a cost effective solution.


Bacterial and yeast contamination: We developed a new processes for genetic screening of bacterial and yeast species that allows for faster and accurate detection of contamination. This means that you will save time by identifying contaminated beer sooner!


IBU and small molecule analysis: We provide state of the art analysis for IBU determination by using external standards of choice. This creates consistency between batches and as well as optimizing your recipe. Small molecule analysis covers a range of compounds from VDK’s (vicinal diketones, which are responsible for the buttery flavor), to oxygen levels in your canned beer which can lead to spoilage of your product.


Continuing development: We are continuing to develop various tests, i.e. for satisfying nutritional labeling laws, and any other individual needs. Contact us for any manufacturing needs and equipment.


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